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There is no power in technology, products or services. Everything is determined during use, by people.
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Your success is my goal. Welcome to Dan Abelow's consulting website. Abelow delivers competitive advantages to clients, helping them outperform competitors and lead industries.

Abelow holds degrees from the Wharton School and Harvard. With executive marketing management experience he employs usability to achieve your business goals. As an inventor Abelow's technologies are licensed by over 200 leading companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft and others -- you receive more creative ways to solve problems.

Abelow switched his career to usability to solve a critical problem: How can new technologies succeed on the first day they're launched -- now that our lives, communications, education and entertainment increasingly depend on them?

Be the Best
  Add an expert team member easily: Contact Abelow directly to see how simple and cost effective it is to add an expert to your critical team(s). Keep your launch dates while raising your quality and success. Call or e-mail today.  

Dan Abelow is an expert in making large advances in websites, products, services and enterprise systems. He specializes in industry-leading clients with world-changing ambitions such as:

Client Example: Cisco Systems
  For Cisco Systems, Abelow provided nearly 190 studies over 6 years. Key examples include the usability services for two ease of use tools, Fast Step(TM) and ConfigMaker that were rolled into a large number of products that have become the best selling products in Cisco's history -- and helped Cisco's Small/Medium Business products grow from $250 million in revenue to a run rate of over $6 billion -- 24X revenue in 6 years. Also provided about 90 studies to, Cisco's Web site, the world's #1 E-commerce Web site. provides many contributions to Cisco such as E-Commerce revenues of about 90% of the company's gross revenues and resolving nearly 80% of its customers' support needs. Also provided usability for the redesign of Cisco's Intranet, the platform by which Cisco operates.  
Client Example: Accenture
  For Accenture Abelow designed and field-proved custom usability methods and processes that were formally certified by the Firm and rolled out as part of its global processes. He also assisted in improving the Firm's Knowledge Xchange(TM), its global Knowledge Management system. This team's work was recognized by Accenture as Innovation Scan #17, a core advance that delivered significant worldwide value to the Firm. .  
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